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We welcome you to FifaGamingLeagues revision 2! If you were lucky enough to experience the previous website you'd probably already notice that we've stripped everything out and started again from scratch
The pros with starting from scratch is that we can rebuild everything that was rushed previously and have a much better functioning website overall, this should improve website speeds on match nights. After looking at some statistics we realised that the members use mobile 60% of the time and to ensure this continues we've made the mobile experience better across the whole of the website
As with the previous website the transition has been smooth and zero data has been lost, you'll be able to continue on from where you were previously
What we have to offer
• Fully automated stats & league tables
• Automatic player signings and transfers
• Customised user profiles including stats, trophies, awards & general information (last login etc)
• Brand new notification system allowing members to manage their notifications easier
• Private messaging, a message popup like "Facebook"
With 100s of competitive players online hourly why would you look elsewhere?